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July 4, 2019d Mission

April 19, 2019 Noah Gams on mission


Return to our Father in Heaven. Joy along the way.

January 31, 2019 Serenity Sofia Blaine 21st grandchild. Thank you Lord.


Nov 22-25 2018, Family gathering Layton, Utah: Bev and Greg Gams and family hosting:

NOV 26, 2018 d WORK IN PROGRESS empty dates, activities and content. Working on it. Volunteers? Contact me.

Sept 25, 2018 d

Family Udall - Patriotic Concert Higley Performing Arts.

Family Rogers - Kambria concert.

Aug to come

July 3, 2018c

Meloney's photos to come.

July 2, 2018c - Latter part of 2019 home on leave, medical. God bless for a new day.



Regresami - Quick trip with Al/Randi in Mesguite, NV.


June 10, 2018c Addison - published June 18



April 25, 2018c

add photos to date etc.

Proverbs 23: 22 "Hearken unto they father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old."

April 18, 2018d UPDATES In PROCESS - MAY 14 last day or before. Internet shuts down here in California.

TRIP of Cousins 2008 repost Feb 22, 2018

Barbara and. Earnest Frank Eubanks

Roger Earl and Barbra Eubanks

TRIP of Beverly Gams, Anisa and friends January 29, 2018

Mission Riverside California Nov 2016-May 2018

See Mom Monday Senior FHE;

TRIP of Cristy and Val, Jan 12 - 15, 2018 Mexican Trained a joyful time together.

Jan 16 - 17 2018 New Prophet /Zone Conference

Pres. Oaks, 1st/Pres. Nelson&/Pres. Eyring 2nd..

January 3, 2018 d

TRIP of Susan and Rhett, Addison, Sundari, Caleah and Mayli! Jan 3& 7, 2018

Arriving/departing to ship Long Beach

Cristy and Val jpg time of

On way back home home.


December 29, 2017 d

TRIP to LA TEMPLE and Sayra Morán Beard family and VISITORS! Dec 28, 2017

Abuelita, Uncle Sam and Aunt Helen arrive with Coco. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

, "Walking the Floor Over You." Non-traditional Christmas, but relationship yes love you all. Dad

Somethings remain for Christmas?




December 21, 2017 d

Susan and Rhett annual facebook MONTAGUE .

November 27, 2017 d

MISSION 2017 - Push down to




Huge re-entry project. WORK IN PROGRESS. Facebook data recovery.

Mon Nov 27, 2017 Week Ending Elder Von Keetche and events of week.

Dad and Mom Week of 11/20 -11/27 - Sharks beyond the fence Elder Keetche story. Conference Talk. See Death note January 26.2018 lds.org.

Email grandpa with your email or notify me from your parents.

Double click above.

Absent without leave – DAD!Multi-Zone Meetings -  Elder Von Keetche The Shark Talk Scenes at the Beech.

A line Elder and Sister Keetch stop by to say hello. The WHOLE BUNCH!!!



.....Choice ? next car  Palm fraud look close   

Mon Nov 27, 2017 -END

Sunday 10, 2017 - Saturday 25, 2017 in process

Sat Sep 09, 2017 Journal Entry "Decided to vacate actively updating Facebook until after mission only maintenance forces."

UPDATE Monday Nov 27, 2017. Discovered perhaps some "light at the end of the tunnel". Seems Facebook account ending in chestyfuller and glenn.fuller.652 are the background versions which cannot be changed but by me addressed "Glenn" rather than "Home". Will try it out for a while, will assess.

Holidays coming an idea sprouted. Discovered President Uchtdorf conference talk "The Three Sisters" Bonus $100 to identify difference in President Urchdorf's talk title: sad, mad, and glad. Look close on Facebook two accounts listed above or click on "The Three Sisters"..quid pro quo meaning "a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something." Essay 1 or Essay 2 before bonus awarded. Essay 1. You write, talk title: sad, mad, and glad. my choice of the winner. Teaming up ok family or mixed. Children, no adults. You manage that.

$50 (don't mix this up) to the first grandchild that sees this in the family NoSmokeSignals.net/Mission blog here and emails me before December 1, 2017. Date/Time Stamped email decides.

Another $50 to the one who sees FACEBOOK -Mission and Watches Ed Azner "Out of the Woods" 2005, or finds it in this blog, emails me when found and viewed, note what it is about in content and lessons learned. Essay 2 Out of the Woods. What was it about bad granpa, bad grandson, inbetween, something else? More to come.

The day went well we’re hoping.  I will report back later. 

Love you guys. Not the "Lone Ranger" just "sliver bullets".


September 9, 2017 Reconstruction begins. Excerpted from Facebook backups.

Glenn Fuller September 4 at 2:23pm

80 years old is on my mind. 1st things first. 78 next year when we return from Riverside MIssion then some catching up with grandchildren etc, hopefully Yolanda's family member from Spain will visit and we'll go from there. "Life begins at 80" was a radio ant TV show, panel show 80+ fielding topics of the day... Very entertaining. Unfortunately marketed poorly for memorial episodes and the salacious moments over just showing the responses to questions the panel. I enjoyed at 8 - 20 or so. See what you think.https://www.oldtimeradiodownloads.com/…/host-jack-barry-194…

The last show was aired on ABC on February 25, 1956. In its ABC run, Life Begins at Eighty was aired opposite two anthology series, Appointment with Adventure on CBS and The Loretta Young Show on NBC. Prior to its television run, the show began on radio in 1948.

Geritol products for older people vitamin bought a show - https://www.walgreens.com/…/geritol-…/ID=prod6112604-product


Ed Azner Out of the Woods 2005

August, 2017 Activities in the mission

July, 2017 Activities in the mission

Michigan and surrounding Book of Mormon times.

July 15/16, 2017 Big Bear Lake 50th Wedding Anniversary - Restore 10/16/2017

Beach is Best July 15


Cabin is Great too! July 16 and Meloney's Birthday

Church Cultural Center for Celebration DINNER and Activities

Aunt Cristy holding Josi and Aunt Meloney too

June, 2017 Activities in the mission

What's on my mind? Random. Cristy, Val and stuff June 21 Our Anniversary.

Watch and pray.

May, 2017 Activities in the mission

April 14, 2017 Activities in the mission

March, 2017 Activities in the mission


March 18, 2017 Abuelita, Aunt Helen H. Gonzalez Visit

exreplaytv.com - Reunion - Transition Complete 11/26/2016

from the archives misc. HELP - contract_programmers@yahoo.com email.

March 8, 2017 Uncle Tom, Aunt Myrtle and Family

Addison Fuller Family Next Generation &

Da Anza Ward Youth +


March 4, 2017 High Priest La Seirra Ward Pinewood Derby - my Mustang



Dads entry .

March 1, 2017 Mom and Dads Birthday


February 24, 2017 VALENTINE! SHALL WE DANCE?


February 17, 2017 Susi, Meloney and family minus 2.

February 17, 2017 Receipt of one and only VALENTINE!

Lilly Fuller - Treasures of our heart...


February 7, 2017

SPECIAL MENTION: Elder Hunter Chapman, Bolivia Mission


Inspiration from the Next Generation: : Addison Fuller Family Next Generation &


That which matters most...Family... a project born, a genesis..

January, 2017 Activities in the mission


Dad and Mom Mission,

December 10, 2016 Riverside, California

exreplaytv.com - Reunion BEN FULLER PRIVATE PHOTOS scroll down below END MISSION mission blog information.


November, 2017 Activities in the mission

Work in progress.

Fuller Family reunion 2010, Freestone Park feature.

Fuller Family archives: Glenn's parents, Meloney

& Family, Yolanda's mother Phoenix Temple and

My grandfathers house and Maryland shot of us.

February 2, 2017 Joseph David Blaine 12 years old.


February 5, 2017

Apartment interior:

Initial Areas Assigned:

Norco: Horse Town USA


December 26, 2016d - MISSION 2016 ROOT

Pre-emptive strike i LIKE! SusiQ

December 14, 2916: Mostly moved into apartment. Address on Facebook.com with photos.

Uncle Al/Lilly at train station SLC change over from airport: November 28, 2016

Diego Moran - son of Estuardo :

Uncle Al and Aunt Randi garage view of snow that welcomed us to Lehi, Utah:Misc. October Udall visit

, and November Van For Sale: 1/12 sold

Pre-blessing activities Lehi Early December 4:

Beginning MTC Dec 5 -10:


1st Day at MTC December 5:

An Apostle, Elder Bedard taught to know Jesus:The Character of Christ - by Elder David A. Bednar - YouTube

END MISSION 2016 Riverside, California (Spanish) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.