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Unfinished left by Ben and his youth photos

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Benjamin G Fuller Macromedia Dreamweaver PATENT press HERE.

ReplayTV Remote

ZONE 243 - BGF

Ben's initials to his MAGIC UTILITY


A place on the web for past employees of the trailblazing company

that has revolutionized television viewing by, a warrior to control TV viewing

Breakthrough identifies criminals at scene of crimes DNA left at crime scene could be used to create picture of criminal's FACE...

Ben Fuller lived a full life, and honorable one 16 years a Senior Software Engineer and author of useful technical tools. He left many friends and a loving family untimely. He was 33 years old upon his death had retired at 32 one year before his death with an avocation in photography and JustBen.
The evidence supports Ben Fuller likely was murdered September 8, 2002 just after midnight. The U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court, Soniblue Bankruptcy #03-51775 contains data buried in the settlement process, and that breached by the court Trustee. The Estate is yet to see closure in what was promised in the Settlement: final two checks reflecting negotiated terms and an electronic images pdf of Sonicblue Sale to D&M Ltd. The fact remains Macromedia (now ADOBE) patent for Dreamweaver has Ben's name published yet ReplayTV/Sonciblue patents do not. The fact remains the logic objects authored by Ben Fuller comprise a huge share of the selling power for Digital Video Recorders this date and play back devices for sportsman's use routinely. The fact remains Ben had no roommates until just before his death in his entire life. However, the Redwood Police found there was not sufficient "physical evidence" to move on charges. On Ben's last resume for a job at Moxi/Diegeo he wrote this for a hobby, "viewing and controlling TV". His legacy was for parents to control TV his asperation was simply to have a family, a son and live in peace. USA Today April 2001 article on paper millionaies, Ben $4.4 million. 9/11/2002 got call from room mate Dan Sletton, Ben was dead. Contract coroner tech resigned when her autopsy changed by coroner and left.

We drove the next day 9/12/2002 to arrange and have him transferred as soon as possible. 3 hours before the viewing planned he arrived in Mesa AZ advanced decay his mother, grandmother and I saw him first. They did an excellent job to make him presentable at the viewing and funeral. A song tune kept going over in my mind from call through the ordel later to discover "I Can See Clearly Now" which was a revelation to me 2 years later I played ANTZ a cd by Woody Allen about a colony of Ants plot to destroy them all. That tune kept and keeps me going. "We Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone.". Our Christian conversion brought it home. God's plans are in place, we understand and wait the day for a happy reunion. Forgiveness key through the Lord Jesus.

And the fact remains the public now has a tool to bypass commercials (10-15) between episodes of viewing, pause, rewind and playback at their leisure approximating controlling 1/2 of the viewing time for the art and presentations they purchase a TV for robbed of 1/2 their time by money hungry propagandists. December 9, 2010 Ben's father.
May, 2019 that viewing has been denied by technical corporations. One must endure their propaganda to view and pay for ancient contracts with contributors. Sept 2009 Estate Executor won recognition token settlement Sonicblue Corporation $200,000 approx. estate value after April 2001 having $4.4 Million in value. Something doesn't add up. We move on. Mister Zoil Enterprises, LLC repositor. Selah. - Reunion - Transition Complete 11/26/2016

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PRE-EXREPLAY.COM original from Ben's camera

Enlarged to see the devil in the details mid-screen a hidden self portrait of the roommates.


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