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USMC 1959-1965 "once a Marine always a Marine". U.S.S. Boston: Meditteranean, NATO/Artic Circle, Carribean and Cuba Expediionary Forces
Minuteman . .

ARIZONA AMIGA USERS GROUP, Ben Fuller : Prophecy comments scroll down:


Glenn "Chesty" Fuller residence in Arizona, formerly Michigan, and military at Boston, MA and Jacksonville, NC. Turned 80 years fair shap, God's been good to us. As retired business system professional and father of seven children. his professional life required interstate travel much of his career. He has been in logical system's skilled jobs a view to problem definitions and solutions with extensive experience in data modeling, research and database design. 2002-2009 investigative work in San Jose Federal Bankruptcy Court. Latest Court systems. His last out of retirement consulting June 2009 to January 2010 Mission Dominican Republic 2011-2013. Mission Riverside California Jurupa Stake. Exp 2016-2018. Eploratory SENATOR from New York circa Hillary Clinton 2000. Plans look to be extended to foreign travel and volunteer service central desire to serve and do best for the welfare of others. Preserve American culture and rights of her citizens, and cooperate with people world wide for peace.

Born in an era of trains not planes, limited travel and home life, outdoor to indoor plumbing he has maintained a simple home life and community service living. From a small family, an LDS convert 1965 continuing Christian principled living: family, gospel, good friends and neighborly vigilance to do what is right and be kind to all.   His father was a plant employee, farmer and employee of local school system with avocations in gardening and landscaping a true gentleman.  His mother a housewife and homemaker as is his wife an LDS convert from Guatemala a true friend to all devoted church leader.  Yolanda and Glenn met just prior to working together at a local bank and his wife mastering financial management principles applying her professional training. North of the community in which he was raised was a rail yard and south  lakes and streams spilling into another community toward the downtown areas of Pontiac. 

The setting similar to that of his mothers upbringing. They had no running water at first, and dealt with door to door vendors: ice, milk, notions, entertainers and most shopping until in high school.  Most excess land was devoted to gardening even commercial lot sided with a country grocery store, Figa’s Market: Joe, Ted and Mitch with a butcher shop and most convenient grocery selections kept travel to a minimum.  They gardened well after he was grown and moved away. They raised chickens, and rabbits and supplied vegetables and foods storing each season with a simple supplement of a grape arbor, fruit trees and berries.   His father’s avocation was gardening and they had plentiful arrangements of the most beautiful flowers.  His mother's was child rearing, cooking, crocheting, quilting, sewing and domestic skills. His parents farmers in family rearing.  His father in Milan, Michigan, and his mother Grangers Station, North Carolina; near Kinston, Lenoir County.

They lived in the city boundaries, neighborhood mostly former country folks in harmony and love: Dixie, German, Polish,  Jew, Mexican, Gentile.  A melting pot of mostly Caucasian with a few other races sparingly sprinkled.  There were four major divisions of culture in Pontiac: white, black, brown and Jew with some oriental and others rubbing shoulders: North white, south black, eastern brown, and west mostly undeveloped land. The affluent were in Indian Village, mostly Jewish; the poverty areas was Bagley Street/Huron and vicinity and the remaining areas just getting along in a factory town thinking we were “middle class”.  The union ruled, or so they thought and the businesses fought each other. The working man had it fairly good, or so they were satisfied sufficiently to be peaceful.  Detroit was another story, 1967 riots. 1968 Teamseters Strike effecting all suburbs.

Glenn returned from military service in 1963, served two years reserves, continued a surveying career learned in the artillery then went to where else?  The PLANT, Pontiac Motors as a white collar worker budding for engineering management.  While there he met his wife through a friend, quit the plant and began a career in computer programming.  They were married in 1967 and have seven children, and 20 grandchildren.  Added Jude Rogers and Josie Fuller #21 likely soon we pray. "God bless us everyone". Glenn was ordained Seventy by Apostle Alvin R. Dyer 10 days before their wedding.  Served perpetually as missionary hence, Six of the children are married.  He was a beneficiary of the GI Bill education: earned an associates in computer technology and business management from Lawrence Institute of Technology 1969-1973 Southfield, Michigan. Honors upper 5% High School, and high grad point graducate school 3.6gpa.

Later he earned a Masters in Management Human Relations/Organizational Behavior 1986 Phoenix University Phoenix.  Offered a scholarship from Carnegie-Mellon University Phd. Organization Behavior in 1987 he declined so as not to uproot the family. 2016 completed course work but records lost it. Walden University online Phd. Organizational Behavior so little choice withdrew. Plans to return later another graducate school.

The family are Christian, grandfather adopted from Jewish family Quirk; members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They lost their oldest son Ben 9/8/2002, a Senior Software Engineer ReplayTV/Sonicblue, reported 9/11 author of Dreamweaver the web king for internet html views creation and maintenance Macromedia Dreamweaver now Adobe, ReplayTV objects used now extensively in home entertainment, cable and satellite systems and a young entrepreneur with Commodore Amiga systems Quicknibble and Project D most notable. His resume included as a hobby "watching and controlling TV" for parental oversight and morally clean based viewing. His life scout training, his Eagle earned but that's another story, and friend to all and love central to his 33 years of life on this earth and post "going where no man has gone before" in excellence. 


"When in the military I had a Secret clearance, never mind a TOP Secret or higher CRYPTO which my brother had in communications. My family tree was required back to the 5th generation American born stock end to end. My neighbors and relatives were interviewed by the FBI. All employers. All my records were disclosed and submitted prior to being given the classification. Later, as a consultant to federal government contractor and state likewise I've carried security clearances which at last application was processed likewise.

2003-2009 & 2016 epidsode Mintuemen (MCDC - Minutemen Civil Defense Corps), civil tax concerns in local city remember the "Stamp Tax", on the border sweep tactics and comm shack. Article I Section 15.8 REPEL INVASIONS. Article IV Section 4 PROTECT FROM INVASION.

  1. USS BOSTON (CAG-1) Deployments & History
    JUL 1960 - FEB 1961



    SEP 1960 - DEC 1960 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean
    SEP 1960 - SEP 1960 Blue Nose - Artic Circle
    APR 1961 - APR 1961 Bay of Pigs - Diplomat and family rescue mission scrubbed
    MAY 1961 - MAY 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion (CUBA)
  2. insert ................................................................GITMO - Water Shutdown Base. General Krulack occupation FMF circa Shellback?
  3. MAR 1962 - 27 MAR ................1962 - ...........Shellback Initiation Atlantic Ocean
    The USS BOSTON (CAG-1) deployment history and significant events of her service career follow: ... MAY, 1961, -, MAY, 1961, Bay of Pigs Invasion (CUBA)

Figure 10:  USS Boston (CAG-1) underway off the Boston Navy Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts, [Chelsea Naval Shipyard] after overhaul, 26 July 1960. Note the new electronics antennas received during this overhaul, among them a Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) "pot" atop the mainmast, antenna for SPS-29 air search radar (replacing a SPS-12) atop the pedestal aft of the mainmast, and two SPQ-5 guided-missile guidance radars (replacing the ship's original pair of Mark 25 Mod 7 types) just forward of the "Terrier" missile launchers. Official US Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center. Click on photograph for larger image.  

Glenn Fuller, Life is full of illusions and what you see even isn't always what is true save through following a life from the example of Jesus Christ. He is "the way, the truth and the life." John 14:6. Democrat.

NOTABLE MENTION OF ILLUSIONS: It is not without merit that "illusions" for the following editorial was chosen. We are proned, all of us.

Edgar Mueller Super Artist

Street stuff -

Life is a series of illusions and things are not always as they appear. Seeking the truth using correct principles and relying on the Spirit of God truth can be revealed. "I teach them correct principles and allow them to govern themselves", Joseph Smith Jr. in answer to a Chicago journalist 1844.


"Prophecy Key to the Future" Comments:

Duane Crowthers wrote a book, "Prophecy Key to the Future" which is little known, but profound. He is LDS, a Mormon; a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Utah in top of the Rocky Mountains; but the principle outline of events in history from his foundation as a historian and teacher. "no seeker for truth can fulfill his goal without understanding in some measure the events of the future, for truth is defined in the scriptures as "knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come" ..."In the final analysis, the true test of propecy is its fulfillment. As Jeremiah stated, 'When the word of the Prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the Lord hath truly sent him.' "Jeremiah 28:9. "Be believe the Bible .. the word of God...we also believe the Book of Mormon is of God"

Go with me to the beginning of the book, the front under cover with a timeline of world history. I will summarize so you may look in brief, but then the author and I refer to to the scriptures, God's word in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearle of Great Price and all "good" books inspiring prophets and Christians throughout all ages.

Front top PREPARATORY WARS: outline Beginning of Wars In the Last Days where slaves shall rise against their masters. BEGINNING OF WARS IN THE LAST DAYS.

Back of FRONT COVER: CIVIL WAR 1861-65, slaves rise against masters PRESENT where we are today. bottom of under Front: bottom RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL and TIMES OF THE GENTILES - First Period of Missionary Labor MISSION TO GENTILE NATIONS, mid to end of WWIII missionaries will be called home, saints in foreign lands will gater in the United States neither of which have transpired to date January 26, 2011 as to the fullfilling of the Gentiles

WWIII developing in process also, overlapping into INTERNAL WARS will cause the collapse of the government of the United Stated and internal strife begins in earnest paralleling the GATHERING OF ISRAEL. The saints will gather to the "Tops of the Mountains", return to Jackson County, Missouri

INTERNAL WARS, to WARS OF TOTAL DESTRUCTION, UNIVERSAL CONFLICT (Collaps of the Nations of Europe), Christ will come to the council at ADAM-ONDI-AHMAN, BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON -Christ Appears on the Mount of Olives, overlapping INTERNAL WARS will cause the collapse of the government of the United Stated and internal strife begins in earnest paralleling the GATHERING OF ISRAEL. The saints will gather to the "Tops of the Mountains", return to Jackson County, Missouri

following a POLITICAL KINGDOM OF GOD on earth: Conversion and gathering of Lamanites while Christ will appear in the New Jerusalem Temple, 10 Tribes will come from the North to New Jerusalem SECOND PERIOD MISSIONARY LABOR TO HOUSE OF ISRAEL between Christ coming to ADAM-ONDI-AHMAN UNIVERSL CONFLICT and before THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON and 144,000 High Priests will be chosen to gather the Jews and 10 tribes to Palestine then Rule of David the Prince THIRD PERIOD OF MISSIONARY LABOR TO HEATHEN NATIONS followed by FOURTH PERIOD TO ALL MANKIND.

This spans the under cover of the front binder and the back.


THE MILLENNIUM, - Christ will rule from both New and the Old Jerusalem [wireless]





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