Latest addition to the family Bejamin Gerald Fuller June 6, 2014

Unfinished Glenn Family History Esther Gooding intersection Alzina Throop farm Kennett/Cherrylawn Dr Pontiac, Oakland, MI. The NORTH Fuller and the SOUTH Jackson family united regardless of the civil war.

Ft. Sumter Flag

Husband to Alzina (Aunt Lina) Levi FULLER Jr. is the 2nd great grand uncle of Esther Flora GOODING. Their common ancestors are Levi FULLER and Doraxa MCLOUTH.


Glenn's Pontiac, MI growing up neighborhood. PRESS HERE: ..or o <===


Jackson/Dupree Connection Kinston/Grainger Station, Lenoir, North Carolina

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Al's view of Lehi Valley Utah upon moving

Elam Quirk 1860 census 6 years old born 1854

Elam Qurk Fuller adopted by Josuah (Josiah) Utter Fuller and Eliza Ann Brooks my father's father.

Elam Quirk Fuller Patents:

Fuller and Johnson 10HP Hit and Miss Engine

Fuller and Johnson 10HP Hit and Miss Engine



Windwheel Patent

I have the original of the attached.  My Great-Uncle Edgar Knickerbocker grandfather of Alice Rhoda Knickerbocker wife of Elam.  Edgar was on a mission to Ningpo China for 12 years.  He brought back a Chinese game which I have the original, and the windwheel to my grandfather.  I don't know what happened to the original "toy", but Grandpa Elam also patented the Fuller-Johnson Engine used on most early farms for equipment power projects, pumps etc after the steam engine.  An original break-through from the internal combustion vehicle engine and 2 cycle engine for commercial purposes.