From any naysayers about the future of America, “the Gem of the Ocean”.  Columbia may have taken some hits, taking on water, but the pumps are working, the crew is bailing and God is on OUR SIDE.

I'm of the opinion American people in general and the vast majority are aware of the traitors, the corrupt, the proud, the wicked.  Every poll reveals that it is not the rank and file, not the little people, not the Joe Plumber etc but the greedy few politicians in all aspects of our culture.  It wasn't the many, but the few in the crowd that crucified Jesus, it wasn't every Jew in majority but their leaders.  It is the few today of leaders which pollute the picture and distorted further by the lies of propaganda from those that rule.

In the marines we dubbed them the 5% that never get the word to sign on to unity, order and joining for the common good missing the "esprit de corps".  They KNOW their corrupt politicians are out of step.  Generally people in America are Christian by an overwhelming majority, good solid people, hard working and caring.  Where else is the world supported on the backs of so few?

No.  America is alive and well and the margin of decadence not all that much changed from the first days of liberty's consolidation after the War of 1812 when we finally weaned our elite from the mother land of the British aristocracy and they allowed to "think" they remain but that is for naught.  The "kingly" nobles and lords had their day and fight as they will they fight against God not man.

The people don't vote for  wickedness and haven't for a long time, but "when the wicked rule the people suffer" and the few, the proud the wicked are not on board for "domestic tranquility", "common defense" or "general welfare" but maliciously pitting one segment of society against another, open borders open exploitation and accumulating wealth, power and fame ONLY FOR THEMSELVES on the backs of anyone in their way. 

The fact the few have taken control of our election mechanisms notwithstanding, left to the truth of the matter "the people" stand tall for the right.  Not only here, but world wide they hunger and thirst after righteousness diverted by a few who exploit them.  It is a "Satanic" few that work as spoilers, hateful and vengeful thinking they put off the day when they will cease to exist literally having "sold their birthright", an allusion not to be taken lightly.

America is strong on the U.S. Constitution, liberty and justice for all and has never been better by the numbers.  No where on earth is their the percentage of church goers and commandment living by choice.  In my limited travels to the Carribean, Central America, Europe, and Mediterranean is the common people that get it.  Their leaders though on the other hand have a history of hate, envy and averice: pride and the prejudiced, "vanity and vexations" see Ecclesiastes, the preacher from the BIBLE.

However, the wickedness in high places are exemplified by Jesse Jackson, Willy Clinton, Jimmy Swigert, Fay Baker etc. etc. etc. not to forget Bush and Obuma; and now the "Weiner" who mess it up for all the rest of us and tag the rest of the ruling class with a burden earned unfortunately by keeping such vermin in their ranks.

You missed prime antagonistic ingredients: MUSLIM, INDIAN, CHINESE opportunists and not to forget the MEXICAN INVADERS - the little cockroaches.  taken too " by banking oligarchs, corrupt politicians, the military-industrial complex and a “secret” group of elite individuals who think they have a right to rule the world."  A new TROJAN HORSE consumed by self indulgences.  Read "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck.   It is the text of the up and down of people, the averice, and driving THEM to destruction while society grinds them up and spits them out.  Not to forget though THESE ARE THE FEWER, THE VAST MINORITY AND THE OUTNUMBERED.

Not to forget the "wannabee" rich bunch that pander to this seemingly endless parade of "servants" caring for their houses, their gardens, their lawns, their personal care etc. etc. etc.  TAKEN OVER BY PRIDE AND GREED DOWN TO THE MORTGAGED UP TO THE HILT CROWD.  Notice that Crowd is made of two prime ingredients: CROW - PRIDE and "D" past tense.

"Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus" the caring hearts and hands giving what in many cases they have very little of "the widow's mite" and America doing very well regardless of the shots over her bow and the mutiny from within "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" sails on.

America is alive and very well thank you very much and will prevail.  We have hope.  We have faith.  We have a preponderance that follow the Lord Jesus Christ by the numbers and in the hearts of our children.  We will survive and another day shall come and a new dawn close at hand.

Hang on, hang in, and hang loose.  More to come with God on OUR side, we know the "who" against us and soon they will be history.

I have faith in Christ, hope in the common good of man and love of all men even the mean and wicked ones though I have another opinion about their choices.